Yahoo Group for Brookdale: Join our Yahoo Group by following these instructions: Go to the website at   You should see instructions to join the group, BrookdaleCitizens. You may already have a Yahoo account; e.g., you might be a member  of another Yahoo Group. If so, you can use your existing account and add  BrookdaleCitizens. If you do not have a Yahoo account, you will have to open one: Just complete a “profile” of personal information by following Yahoo’s instructions.  Once the account is established, select BrookdaleCitizens as a new group.  If you do not want to submit a profile, you may join a “mailing list” without a Yahoo account. That option means that you will receive the messages sent to the BrookdaleCitizens list but you will not be allowed to post your own message.  Full subscribers may post messages by sending an email to

Note that this is a private group and an association officer will approve your membership.