Civil War Forts – sites of Civil War action in 1864

Historic Cemeteries

  • The Methodist Cemetery burial grounds of Shoemakers, Elds and Perry’s, Rileys – junction of River Road and Wisconsin Avenue behind Target and the Container Store in the District of Columbia
  • Samuel Shoemaker family cemetery near Allan Pl. and Bayard Avenue
  • Isaac Shoemaker family cemetery on Murray Road in Brookdale North
  • Wood family cemetery next to the Kenwood condominium on River Rd, overlooking Little Falls Parkway
  • Solyam family cemetery near River Road
  • Jacob Wilbert family cemetery on the grounds of the Washington Episcopal School
  • African American cemetery on Westbard Avenue, founded by White’s Tabernacle 39
  • Busey/Posey family cemetery in Springfield neighborhood

Historic Houses

  • “Milton” – home of Nathan Loughborough on Allandale Road in Green Acres- parts of the house date to 1700, when it was an Indian trading post. Also Sarah Loughborough Brown House on River Road – built with local granite for Nathan’s granddaughter
  • Galen Tait House at 4900 Western Avenue, just to the west of Brookdale South.  Galen Tait developed American University Park in Montgomery County

Other Locations of Interest

  • Galen Tait Memorial Park at 47th and Ellicott Streets, N.W.
  • N and S Park Streets in Friendship Heights Village – once the lane leading to the Eld farmhouse
  • Friendship Heights Village Center – displays historic photos and documents for this area
  • Federal Boundary Stone [No. 6] – at Western Avenue near Fessenden Street
  • Threlkeld Boundary Stone – 41st and Fessenden St. N.W.
  • Willard Avenue – location of a former spur of the Glen Echo (electric) Railway line.
  • Macedonia Baptist Church on River Road – built by a small community of former slaves  – and still attended by descendants of the original congregation
  • Western Market – site of original Shoemaker family farm stand
  • GEICO – award-winning headquarters building, (1959)
  • Capitol Crescent Trail – the former site of B & O Railroad, Georgetown spur
  • Site of Loughborough Mill – marked on the Capitol Crescent Trail