Welcome to Brookdale, a charming community whose neighborhood character reflects its farmland history and the “English cottage” home stylings of Cooper Lightbown.  It straddles historic River Road and extends from Western Avenue (the DC line) north and west into Montgomery County, MD.  Incorporated in 1958, the Brookdale Citizens Association merged with the Orchardale (Tri-Community) Association in November 2071, and the Park-Newport area was added in 2017.  Our residents, a diverse and lively mix of long-time residents and newcomers, cherish Brookdale for its many amenities and friendly and caring spirit.

Our robust Brookdale Citizens Association sponsors many activities throughout the year, including street parties, 4th of July and Halloween celebrations and parades, and social/educational events. The Association also monitors and responds to development and zoning issues affecting the neighborhood and surrounding communities. The neighborhood listserv, the brookdalecitizens.org website, and the Brookdale Bugle (the community newsletter published three to four times a year) provide means of sharing important and helpful information about goings-on in the community.